Bad news for ron paul.

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  1. even the people that should support him think he is a kook. that cant be good. i hope he does better from here on so he has the conviction to run 3rd party. go ron paul.

    Paul is running for President again this year, in a field that many Republicans find disappointing. And yet, while Paul is doing better, state by state, than he did in 2008, he has conspicuously failed to establish himself as this year’s Tea Party candidate. Polls have shown that voters who support the Tea Party are actually less likely to support Paul—some have gone for Newt Gingrich, whose denunciations of Obama are pithier, or for Rick Santorum, who is more forthright in his defense of “traditional American values.” In South Carolina, where Paul received thirteen per cent of the vote, behind Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Santorum, he did his best among voters opposed to the Tea Party.

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  2. They know that even if he somehow got miracled into office, he would not be able to govern.
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    It's not exactly news that the so-called Tea Party was co-opted by the neocons long ago. The Tea Partiers will get what they deserve -- more war and endless deficits. And getting ogled at and groped by the TSA.

    They will get that whether Gingrich, Santorum, Romney, or Obama wins.
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    He would order the troops home and veto every bill. Perfect.
  5. A super majority can override a veto. Get the point?
  6. Yep, saw that first hand, by the time I went for a look they had been overrun.