bad news for perma bears and shorts

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  1. There is a gang of maybe five to ten perma bears on elite trader who for the past year have been constantly bearish in spite of the markets recent run. They hope that every sell off will result in a bear market of correction but their payers are in vain.

    My predictions are:

    There will never be another bear market ever again baring a major disaster such as a nuclear war or a massive meteorite impact.

    And unless a market correction happens within the next ten years there will never be another correction again.

    One possible reason is because in the past decade the US and global economy & markets have become very finely tuned with a perfect balance of growth, valuations, and inflation. In addition there are so many market players, arbitrageurs and hedging that to create a such a long standing market inefficiency that constitutes a bear market or stock market crash would be seemingly impossible. Empirical evidence of this is the continual decline of the CBOE vix index since 2000 and the the fact that the average PE ratio of the S&P 500 index is at 15 year lows.

    Analogous to a musician that doesn't lose his tune as the result of years of practice the stock market will become increasingly fine tuned in that 'mishaps' like corrections, crashes, and bear markers will cease.

    The chart of the S&P500 5-10 years in the future will resemble a nearly smooth exponential parabola whereas forty years ago there much much more volatility.
  2. Sware you posted this same thing earlier today
  3. ST,

    As far as trading goes (read non investing), a perma bull is no better than a perma bear.

  4. I did, but this is important enough to warrant its own thread.
  5. Instead of reading your post I would like to ask what your actual POSITIONS are.

    Real men, real traders take positions. Actions speak louder than words.
  6. I am long stocks in the stock_trad3r index

    stuff like rimm, bidu, goog,

    For a more aggressive strategy I would recommend leaps with four month time frame on EWZ with a strike price of $70
  7. God will you shut up. Every single day is the same thing from you - 'buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy'

    We get the fvcken point - you're long, jeesus.
  8. it's an open forum

    if you don't like the thread just ignore it

    There isn;t much discussion on ET recently. Markets are kinda boring without 300 point moves.
  9. moo



    Could any permabull possibly display any greater hubris than you? I have not seen and can not imagine a greater fool.

    You couldn't spot a bear market even if it had already begun. But the market will definitely humiliate everybody sooner or later. Your turn seems to come very soon.
  10. Stock, it's so easy to spot that you just try to fill your posts with as much perma bullish non-sense as you possibly can just to create fake drama and controversy on the board.

    The above post reads almost like sarcasm written by a perma bear. If you added a little more balance you'd be so much more credible in your bullishness.
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