bad news for oklahoma state

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by raisin2222, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Borrowing "on the come"... the American way... :D
  2. clacy


    What a f'ing scumbag pickens is for not letting them bank the original $165 after it had ballooned.
  3. Hopefully a lesson to all... "Take the money and RUN!" :D
  4. Stok


    WOW!! Ouch!

    Boomer Sooner!!
  5. bwahahaha
  6. Rugby


    Spent it on all those "Wind Energy" commercials.

    This guy overstayed his welcome a little too long. Tells you alot about the markets, when they humble a 80 yo expert like T. Boone.
  7. bidask


    this is partially the school's fault. it should not have started renovations until it received the money from pickens. bunch of idiots running the school.
  8. Ah, how noble he seemed.


    Energy independence for Americahhhhh.
  9. nickdes


    After his stupid investment in YHOO, I would think that most realize that his day is over. Great guy, but not making good decisions lately. :( Many of us, for that matter, are not doing a good job lately! (with investment decisions)
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