bad news for FSLR --this just in

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  1. FSLR First Solar gets inquiry over stocks trades--dow jones news wire
  2. I just looked on dow jones news.
  3. First Solar Inc. (FSLR) disclosed Thursday that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has asked the solar cell maker for information about trading in its stock around the time First Solar announced its third-quarter results in November. Ê The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has asked for information about all people who had information about First Solar's financial results before the company made those results public, according to First Solar's annual report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ê The organization also is asking for a chronology of all significant events leading to the release of the third-quarter results and a description of First Solar's procedures to ensure the confidentiality of material, non-public information before its public dissemination. Ê First Solar said it received the information request Nov. 23, and a second letter about the inquiry on Feb. 11. Ê First Solar said it is cooperating with the organization and isn't aware of any inappropriate disclosure or improper trading.

    sideways we go
  4. what are your thoughts on PBW , a green energy fund... topped out at around 30 and crashed... FSLR not in this fund, anyone know of a fund that includes fslr?
  5. Yes it does, I own that shit too. They're about 3.3%. Price weighted, used to be more. There is some crap is that fund, but I've been buying fslr since it was in the 60's. Now, I'm buying the dips "selling rips" and putting the gains into pbw. But take a look at the holdings, you'll see why its been beat up. I'd say, buy the whole sector on the way down, some of these will explosive again.
  6. FSLR is part of PBW (3.42%).

    Fund Holdings subject to change (as of 2/21/08)
    Cree Inc. 5.34%
    Applied Materials Inc. 4.45%
    MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. 3.94%
    EMCORE Corp. 3.85%
    Itron Inc. 3.85%
    Cosan Ltd. 3.66%
    Universal Display Corp. 3.50%
    First Solar Inc. 3.42%
    Ormat Technologies Inc. 3.42%
    OM Group Inc. 3.39%
  7. LDK is the play today. Signed 8 year deal with Hyundai.
  8. I think the solar sector has one more pump and dump in her.

    LDK is an interesting one with CSUN and SOLF. Let's see if the bait is taken and they run them.
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    LDK was up $1 and a bit, now at even. LOL. Gotta love this market!
  10. No one wants to take a 3rd round of solar pumping yet...

    Got some great fiber optic stocks that are the future....:p
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