Bad news for Bush???

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  1. Bush is headed for tough times, according to some astrologers:

    The Coming Fall

    In June of this year, Saturn will enter Cancer. This passage represents the beginning in George Bush’s personal life, as well as in his presidency, of steadily building pressures that will eventually culminate in the gestation and birth of his second Saturn-Sun cycle. This compression—through the weight of sobering new responsibilities—will reach its first peak in
    October of 2003. At that point, Saturn will be a mere half-degree in the zodiac away from Bush’s natal Sun. From that middle month of the fall until the following summer—June, 2004—George Bush’s first

    29-year cycle of life-purpose development will die. The core identity that emerged in his late 20s and early 30s will finally be laid to rest.

    Since 1997, Bush’s life-purpose cycle has been moving through its fourth and last quarter—the winter phase, where one is freed from prior responsibilities. The last quarter of every astrological cycle represents a respite, a time of lying fallow in preparation for the birth of the next cycle, however far ahead in years that new “springtime” may be. In the Saturn-Sun cycle, the winter phase means a seven-year release from the karma of our personal fears and failings. Life always presents difficulties, no matter what’s happening in our charts, but in this cycle’s last quarter we take a sabbatical from the inward repercussions
    of personal responsibility. Whatever our past successes or failures, whatever our previous struggles, we let them go and chill out, dealing with life as it comes.

    G.W.’s sabbatical ends this coming October. All the seeming freedom and detachment of those earlier years ends, supplanted by the return of stark confrontation with hard, cold reality of a type that is customtailored to Bush’s personal fears and vulnerabilities, which reemerge suddenly in packs, like wolves, and with a vengeance.

    The general meanings of this cycle’s birth pains are deeply somber. Internally, these include feelings of heaviness, frustration, pessimism, weakness, vulnerability, exhaustion, and self-doubt. Externally, the difficulties include delay, denial, blockage, and opposition, both by others and by circumstances themselves, which often will not budge.

    During the Saturn-Sun conjunction, we suffer the nagging sense that our world is decaying, that our luck has run out, and that life itself is conspiring to defeat us. The other singular effect is that fear makes us stupid. I’ve been through two Saturn-Sun conjunctions in my own life, and I’ve counseled literally hundreds of clients going through this difficult birth.

    In every case, my own included, I saw us become our own worst enemies. The most obvious practical strategies or common-sense solutions to the problems that emerge remain obscure to us. Wrapped up in our fears and overwhelmed by our anxieties, we make absurd mistakes, gross errors of judgment and action (or,
    conversely, lack of judgment and inaction). When we should act, we often hesitate and second-guess ourselves. When we should wait, we often rush in where angels fear to tread. In short, during the conjunction even brilliant people become idiots and shoot themselves in the feet.

    The general meanings of this transit apply to all of us, but it also has manifestations specific to each individual chart . The unique meanings of the Saturn-Sun conjunction in George W. Bush’s chart pertain to the issues of the 12th house. His defenses against opposition from the outer world are nearly impregnable.
    He is, however, extremely vulnerable to attacks from his own secret inner demons. For Bush, selfdoubt is an inevitable pitfall of this coming period. His faith in religious certainty will be challenged from within.

    Inward confusion and ambivalence will assault his emotions. In public, Bush will hunker down, showing a tougher resolve than ever. In private, though, he may question his very sanity.
    Jungians might suggest that Bush will come up against his own unconscious shadow—the darkness within, which, up until now, he’s been projecting outward onto others he sees as “evil.” As a result, President Bush could become emotionally or physically ill, to a point that might require hospitalization or temporary retreat from public view.

    Short of such drastic events, President Bush will certainly experience a fearful sense of isolation, like a rudderless ship pulled out to sea and engulfed by oceanic forces that make him feel small and insignificant (which is the exact opposite of what he felt during the Jupiter-Sun period, when he rode the tide). Illusion again intertwines with reality. But now, realities become dreams, and dreams become troubling, even nightmarish.
    Given the intensity of my description of this astrological event, how obvious will Bush’s struggle be to the rest of us? Those close to the President will no doubt see evidence of increased strain on a day-to-day basis. And outsiders with a discerning eye will catch glimpses in public appearances.

    Mostly, however, the profound stress will likely manifest under the surface, behind the scenes, and in private, with only occasional and sporadic eruptions into full view. Though Saturn is decidedly physical in its provocations, Bush’s chart emphasizes the invisible over the visible, and the emotional over the literal. So this crisis may be predominantly psychological, although more obvious or crude repercussions cannot be ruled out.

    The nine months of this process will probably build from this coming fall into the summer of 2004.

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  2. what a bunch of utter bullshit.

    bad news for YOU, if you fall for that crap..

    only a fool would believe that nonsense. horoscopes are just as pathetic.
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