bad news for AAPL------read

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  1. Apple lowers iPhone shipment target for Q2-DigiTimes
    The Economic Daily News, citing sources at Apple's (AAPL) handset component suppliers in Taiwan, is reporting that Apple has lowered its iPhone shipment projection to around 1M-1.2M units from 2M units for Q2.

    this just came out. yeah.i should of posted it on the stock forum
  2. How short are you on aapl?
  3. i am not short. especially over night.
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    iphone is ihype....its not going to do as much for apple as the ipod did......

  5. Are you one of those Wallstreet cockroaches? Hoodwinking Johnny lunchbuckets into submission via nasty lies and self created doubts?

    That has no effect on AAPL sales and margins and revenues. Till those numbers come in donot speculate and spread half baked lies.
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    It cracks me up when the bulls and bears make such emotional posts. Calm down there. Everything will be alright.

  7. I saw what the shorts are doing to AAPL today. Beating it with billy clubs to push it down below 130. There is absolutey nothing wrong with the company, it will generate another billion plus quaterly profits no matter what.

    Short interest on AAPL is extremely high. But they failed to kill the beast...
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  9. Disappearing iPhones? Lots of them sold oversees using different carriers - not ATT. Also the hackers opened up the phone to other carriers. I think the iPhone is still strong.
  10. Apple wants to sell 10 million iPhones in '08.

    They won't come close unless they cut the price. The Germans sure as hell aren't buying that many.

    If they cut the price, their revenue takes a hit.

    If they don't make up that revenue hit with stronger than expected sales of notebook computers, where's the extra revenue going to come from?

    Leopard, which admittedly is very good, is a low volume stand alone revenue source.

    iPod sales are stagnant, not growing as they once were.

    I'm beginning to think that Apple has peaked, and the AirBook news at MacWorld was anti-climatic enough to solidify that conviction.
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