Bad news and market hardly I missing something?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TinGull, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. TinGull


    Hi there,

    I'm fairly new to the marketplace (little over a year) and was wondering from you guys who have experience through the there any forshadowing from a market that doesn't seem to budge when there's bad news? Like today...I realize we had a selloff when the housing info came out, but we're right back up for the most part now.

    Just curious if something like this had happened in the past. I can't seem to figure out a good way to search the goog for that info.

  2. don't short it...
  3. alorainc


    Well, from what i've read about others experiences, and what i've seen myself...when bad news hits, but the market doesn't fall... this usually means the market is VERY strong.

    What is usually means is the market is saying "I don't give a damn about the news, i'm going higher!"

    The trick is to determine whether the bad news really is bad, or if it was just a splinter of bad news amid an oak tree of solid positive news.

    Remember...the fed DID just decide not to raise the interest rate... and since you never fight the tape, or the fed, i wouldn't expect the market to fall in the next week or so unless some more very bad info comes out.
  4. With the markets at highs its best to buy any dips.

    All bad news is just part of the soft landing and is already discounted into prices.
  5. mtwokay


    well i really don't care which way the market goes


  6. nassau


    the market right now as many times in the past is being artificially supported..
    all you have to do is look at the major holders of the stocks on the nyse or nasdaq ..
    you have barclay's uk holdings...(England)
    fidelity ? (USA)
    Goldman? Israel
    running the market long..
    especially right now..the mother country.
    Barclays's hold the major position in most stocks several times over the norm in the financial industry..
    just check out aeos,nvda,mrvl.
    what is strange is they hold positions in just about every stock ...even the stocks all in the same sector ..
    they are running the market long...crazy long..if they miss expectation it runs...if it beats ? it runs..
    as remember it is our? preception of the stocks value that creates the long or short position..the market needs both to create this false market..and then when the financials/funds want to take profit the gap around or drop the price ie 10dollars and wipe out the little day trader and short term position trader..

    being long this market is getting to be very low sell high ..not buy at high and hope as cramer yells..
    there will always be money here to be made but more to lose when they unwind..
    look at shares at all anymore..a few hundred thousand most of the day..short squeezing and small sell one buying and soon we will come in and find it back where the value is per share..mid to low 30's still giving the company a 50percent gain for the year..
    just my 2cents worth..for what it's worth

  7. Arnie


    The "bad" news was already priced in. The "news" today just confirmed what everyone already knew.

    If it's supposed to go down and it doesn't, it's going up.
  8. Arnie hit it on the head.

    Most news is OLD news to the market.

    If anything the market may now be looking forward for the point and time when housing and related stocks turnaround. It will most likely precede the publication of this event in the media by weeks if not more.

  9. blk


    Go long till 07th Nov guys... what happens after that is anybody's guess...
  10. K-Rock


    Don't try to interpret the news, but let price do it for you.

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