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Discussion in 'Forex' started by rayd, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. rayd


    does anyone know a forex firm that does not hold youre order forever i am not going to name the firm im using but its ridiculous its like trading nasdaq 5 years ago i feel like im having a flashback they hold the order forever and the only fill you if its convenient for them sometimes it will be like 30 seconds before you know if youre filled is there a firm that offers instant execution off of live prices or is it just a scam
  2. Oh that old trick, yeah sorry pal but youve been scammed

  3. Asian session is really gunning stops ... up and down
  4. i am sorry. but buying should't matter. compound your money.
  5. clubber


    If it is the company that i use you may have been taken off auto may be able to tell from your statement and if there is a name against the trade you are on requote. Phone and complain and ask to go on auto again...they try it on with anyone who is making a bit of money and they are too slow to cope with .
    Pathetic crooks.
  6. try oanda.