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Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by kowboy, Jul 17, 2006.

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    Last year, an upgrade attempt on Norton Systems Works Pro was not upgradable and had problems and crashed my operating system. Oh well, being one who learns slow, I reinstalled the OS and purchased a retail box for Norton Systems Works Premier 2005.

    Having had the product for 11 months, the product was just deactivated automatically by Norton. In talking to Norton CS, they indicated their product only allows three installs. I use backup hard drives and Norton CS says I installed it more than 3 times on other hard drives. Well of course. Every time I do a physical hard drive swap for back up purposes, there is another hard drive in the bay.

    And no, I am not going to send the product back for product key and verification only to have Norton deactivate me again. And yes they refused any compensation and refused to reactivate over the phone.

    The problem is with these bigger companies is that they forget who pays their bills, the customer.

    I'll use someting else.
  2. Yes, and WORSE... Norton writes sloppy code that DOES not remove important registry keys on uninstalls and those leftover keys sometimes conflict with other Norton products or other products in general...

    they are too spread out and too big and have too little time to be a quality software craftsman company...

    i suggest everyone think twice about using Norton products... they work fine for a while but they don't upgrade well or unInstall well.. they got a case of the sloppies... real bad so does ATI... another story...




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    Say EdgeHunter,

    What do you suggest?

    I liked the Systems Works ability to get rid of broken links and to check the Windows registry (if in fact it actually could do that?)

    I get Macafee antivirus free with Qwest, but would like a system cleaner. Open to any suggestions for Antivirus.

  4. I use these guys for cleaning my registry...

    not sure about anything else... i use ZoneAlarm for ISecurity and such but it is a strange little creature so i am not sure i can recommend it...

    good luck...



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  5. Dump Norton immediately.

    Go to NOD32
  6. I had Norton's System Works a few years ago and it would attempt to "fix" or, if it couldn't fix then it would "delete" problems I was having with my PC. This went on and on and my computer got worse and worse. I finally tried to restore the drive to it's original "out-of-box" condition.

    Half way though the restore a box popped up that told me that I could not restore my hard drive because there were certain important codes missing that my PC needed. It did not take me long to figure out that Norton was deleting the code during it's attempts to "fix" things. This rendered my PC useless. I had to go out and buy a new one. :mad:

    Thank you, Norton! :(

    -1bigsteve (o:
  7. This is why Linux kicks the shit out of windows. I'm willing to bet that most the people that write worm code are on a linux box of some kind :) . DEATH to windows!
  8. I use Norton Systemworks Premier 2005, and I would definitely like to rid my life of Symantec at this point. The programs are horrible resource hogs. Obviously the anti-virus is easily replaced, but please suggest a good substitute for Ghost.

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    Its amazing how Norton continue to suck people in.I had Knowboys complaint five years ago.I thought then that Symantic would be a good short.Good thing I didnt try that.
    There are a few good free antiviruses .AVG works for me but I have heard Kerio and Antivir are good.Seems to me it might depend what you have in your puter and its configuration as to which antivirus will work best.
    Crap cleaner is a great program for keeping your puter clean.Also have it scan for "issues" and fix them.Its really fast.Use it daily.