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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ZooVan, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. ZooVan


    Currently I am a Qcharts user, and considering switch to eSignal.
    I noticed that eSignal has a "Trade-Up Special Offer".

    //------- {from eSignal website}
    Trade-Up Special Offer!
    Switch to eSignal from your current market quote service and take advantage of a limited-time offer designed with you in mind. Find out how you can get fast, reliable market data AND all the advanced analytics you need to trade successfully at a price you can't afford to pass up.

    //------- {End}

    Yesterday I sent an email to eSignal, ask the details.
    I got an email from an eSignal's Sales Representative today, he told me, "we will give you a free 30-day trial of eSignal service (exchange fees and tax will apply)".
    The answer is really beyond my imagination.
    I replied, "As far as I know, everyone can get a free 30-day trial of eSignal, even they don't have any quote service right now. "
    At the end, I got a single line email form Mr. eSignal with really BAD manner. :mad: :mad:
    I was told that free trial is not the same as risk-free trial.
    OK, I was wrong. One month free. So what? I even can get $100 discount if I subscribe to eSignal through their partners such as Wealth-Lab, QCollector. I really didn't see much different for me myself.
    For me, their "Special offer" almost offering nothing but bad manner. I am wondering How about you guys?

    Not a pleasant experience with eSignal, the first time.
  2. traderob


    This sounds typical of esig.
    With a little luck Chuck on this board might reply - he always makes sense.
    Same thing with IB, pretty marginal personal replies but DEF on this board is outstanding.
  3. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal


    Sorry about the poor first impression. Please PM me with your email or telephone # and I'll have an alternate sales rep contact you and go over all your options as a trade-up.

  4. dont believe the "free trial" nonsense.....

    Esignal is a scam!

    Free trial my a$$!

    I signed up for the "free" 30 day trial, and when I went to cancel my "free" trial after 2 weeks I was told by a representative......" why do you want to cancel? You know we can only credit you for the remaining 2 weeks you did not use of the 30 day free trial"


    How exactly is that free??? maybe I am missing something
  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    We do not offer a "free" 30-day trial on eSignal. What we offer is a risk-free trial or often referred to as a money back guarantee. It's explained here and in our Terms and Conditions. We assume most people are signing-up to use and keep our service. If for some reason, the user changes their mind and wants to cancel, we give them back our fees and they only get charged the applicable exchange fees.

    There have been selected promotions where the first month is actually "free" but the same trial conditions apply except when you stay beyond the first month, you get that first month of eSignal fees at no charge.

    We also give "free" trials of some of our add-on services to existing subs, like our Scanners and Advanced Get studies. It's not too difficult to see where all these terms could confuse people but we try our best to be clear. btw, this has been our 30 day trial procedure for over 20 years.

    Hope that information helps.

  6. nkhoi


    20 years and it's still unclear, time to change the menu.
  7. ZooVan


    Hi Scott, PM'ed you.

    I have been using QCharts for years. Everyone know that it's difficult for one make up his mind to switch something used for years, except the President and car. :)

    Since the data feed of QCharts getting much better recently, I need more reason myself, other than the EFS, to push me...not a disappointing rep.

  8. BSAM



    I totally agree. Their pricing grid is a-"mazing".
  9. ZooVan


    Why haggle over every penny?
    Keep It Simple (e)Signal!
  10. I think every thing about eSignal trail subscribtion is very
    clear, except some guys want taken care like a mamaboy

    eSignal has the right to ask why you don't want to subscribe,
    they need it to know for product improvment, and doesn't
    mean you will not get refund

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