Bad earnings from Cat are a faded memory

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  1. Bad earnings from Cat are a faded memory, thanks to the futures. What a handy tool.
  2. Get ready for the lunch time pump, gotta make it look convincing. Everything is super just look at that stock market go.
  3. Gotta love a good squeeze. Let's see what the bulls are made of...
  4. Make it look good!
  5. Pay no attention to the anemic breadth, just look the other way. Gee I just love them futures, it's like a magic tool.
  6. You gotta love it!! The market has shrugged off Oil, Inflation, and now earnings... Bulls waiting to see who blinks first. When they do head for the exits you better not be holding the bag though.

  7. Alot of cheerleading going on, last Fridays sell off was considered overdone according the the financial media.

    I just can't get over the weak internals, volume during market advances is so weak compared to the declines.

    But we always get the overnight ramp up and gap open. Thanks to them futures.

    I just wonder were this market would be if ever morning we had to start were we left off. In other words were would we be without the ramp up in the futures overnight.
  8. Put it in park now, sure looks good, Dow up over 100, makes everyone stop thinking is it time to sell yet?

    Soon everyone will return to work, and we can see what the manipulators have on their mind for this afternoon.

    Gee I can't wait!
  9. hello my minidaytrader...I thought you gave up trading the emini's...about 1.5 months ago..remeber that post? are things going...seriously...thanks!
  10. I was about ready to quit, I could not buy into the steady rise during late April and all of May.

    It started effecting my mind, I kept thinking how did this happen you missed this huge rally, what is wrong.

    So I started buying, then any little dip I would bail thinking this is the big correction, well I lost over 6% of my total account equity.

    I really beat myself up, took some time off came back and started trading DIA using less leverage, now I have made back just about all of the losses.

    Futures keep you on edge, due to the leverage, I am much more relaxed trading the DIA.
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