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  1. Does anybody else suffer from reoccurring bad dreams? I have been since my youth and i`m in my 30`s now. They use to be only about 2-3 times a week. But for the last 2 months it has been every night. They usually involve me running from some sort of human predator or getting lost in a building or maze like structure or someplace strange and dangerous. It never actually gets violent, i`m awoken by that point. But is always stressful. A few times I have been able to become lucid while dreaming and simply make the situation go away. But that is very in frequent.

    Simply put. It sucks going to bed every night knowing that you will be awoken by nightmares. :(

    Any psychiatrist/psychologist here that can point me in the right direction? Should I see a pro?

  2. Damn aliens - always abducting people! :D

    J/K, every now and then I have one of those "falling" dreams. Freaks the wife out when I shake the whole bed...

  3. Mine likes when I shake the whole bed.

    But its over fast...:)

    Seriously though. Imagine you had them everynight. It sucks.
  4. I have two different reoccuring dream 'themes'. One is that I'm either in high school or college and it's the end of the semester and I haven't been to class and I have a test...or I realize that I'm going to fail because I haven't turned in any assignments. The other is that I'm somewhere where there are public bathrooms and I can't find a clean stall....Like the floors are flooded, the toilets are flooded.....and I need to go to the bathroom and though I'm a girl and have somewhat mastered the act of 'hovering' it never works in my dreams/nightmares.

    I'm pretty sure the school one is because I tend to leave things unfinished and not follow through and always feel like I forgot to do something (usually because I did). Not sure about the bathroom one though.

    A fellow ETer gave me a dream book...I keep meaning to look it up. (Further proof that I forgot to do something ;)
  5. I would seek a psychiatrist who practices hypnotherapy. If you are hypnotized you can interpret these nightmares and perhaps they will go away.

    I was in this therapy for a year and it helped me alot. Some of my old threads take about my experience. Changed my life.
  6. That college scenario is my most common dream. I think I've dropped a course but it turns out I haven't, and there's hundreds of pages in the textbook that I haven't read for a test the next day. I also seem to be squatting in someone else's dorm room, someone who's never there, but I keep worrying about being caught. I keep all my boxes of stuff in his closet.

    I occasionally dream about high school, but it never involves actually being at high school, it's more not being able to ever catch the bus. Either the wrong bus comes, or I can't catch it because I can only walk in slow motion, or the bus turns out to be a municipal bus and I have to ride it for several miles in the wrong direction and then switch to another bus, which I manage to just miss. And it's always nighttime.
  7. OMG...yeah, I always have that one...this probably stems from the fact that it's happened to me before...I don't suppose you went to UofA did ya? College......good times
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    I very rarely dream ( or maybe i just dont remember them)..and if i do they are usually nightmares but like i said very rarely do recall them..maybe like 1 a month if any..but the nightmares are of my teeth falling out; the being chased one...
  9. Thanks for the advice hoodooman.
  10. That college one is very common.

    I had those and so did most of my friends at school.

    Pressure to succeed, maybe? Whatever. Kinda freaky tho.
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