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Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Feb 25, 2003.

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    You sound like a dope fien. Sell the farm to get into rehab and go to Gamblers Anon. Seriously, if you are being honest with this post, this is what you did, this is what you felt like, you have a serious problem. You should not be trading. Its crack for you. Crack Kills. If you can't do this you should give your wife the opportunity to leave you. You do not have the right to throw her life away along with your own.

    #21     Feb 25, 2003
  2. Brandonf

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    It is probably easier to think that Trader555 is not telling the truth with what he is posting. Most of me is inclined to not believe it, however there is a chance he is serious - we have no way of knowing with the internet- and I do think we should treat it as such. There are many examples of this. Recently a teen ager was on a web cam site claiming to be taking perscription narcotics and was going to let everyone watch him get high. No one believed him, so he "showed them". He showed them by taking 3000mg of Demerol and he died. Back in the good old days Mark Barton started a thread on SI and was begging for a attention and help. No one believed him either and the result in that case was tragic not only for Mark and his family, but also for all of those who had traded with him in the Atlanta area @ All Tech, and in a smaller way for the entire daytrading community.

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  3. is that how you have fun taodr???
    #23     Feb 26, 2003
  4. vonk


    Looking good, Billy Ray!
    #24     Feb 26, 2003
  5. vonk


    The Justice Dept indicts Winthorpe and Valentine for insider trading, they lose everything, (including their farms) and spend the rest of their lives behind bars
    #25     Feb 26, 2003
  6. all he has to do is get the crop report early and corner the frozen orange juice market- its not THAT hard!!!
    #26     Feb 26, 2003
  7. Momento


    I think trader555 gave up writting more BS... so let's just kill this thread...
    #27     Feb 26, 2003
  8. Your broker actually called instead of just liquidating your position? Now I know this story is total BS.
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    ??? can you sell something you don't own...???

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    you made one of the most common rookie mistakes... dont ever EVER double down... if its going against you get out...
    #30     Feb 26, 2003