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Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Oh man did I screw up today. Today is my first time trading futures. I was trading a full contract of the S&P's anyway I was short in the middle of the day and the market ripped so I kept shorting until I used full day trading margin. Long story short I almost blew out my account. Now I have to tell my wife that I want to sell the farm here in Idaho. I think I could sell my goat's and cattle. When I do, I want a divorce and want to move to Chicago to trade in the pit's. Man did I screw up but it felt soo good to be a real trader with the big boyz. Now I know what I really want to do.
  2. Are you the same "40year old" from months back? Keep the goats and high top boots.
  3. you are kidding right?
  4. No I am not kidding. I love the way it felt just sinking in my seat paralyzed and all I could do is short more. My broker even called so I didn't pick up the phone. I felt alive like I was a part of something big. My wife has never made me feel like that.
  5. why not sell your wife and keep the farm? :eek:
  6. Your right my wife hasn't gave any milk lately but the goats have. The fact is I must trade in the pits like in the movie Trading Places. After today I found my calling.
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    look like you've done this before, you will be fine eventually.
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    Gee, I can't believe what I read. What is the matter with you? A happy loser simply because of playing with big guys? They are not even as clean as the drops of your cattle. If I could make a living by raising cattle, I would not trade with these dirty SOBs.

    Anyhow, I found this is amazingly what the special interest groups want us to be, a bunch of happy losers! Trade futures and blow up the accounts in as little as one day. Know how to trade cash market before trading futures. Hope it is never necessary to trade futures anyway.

    No offense.


  9. SELL Mortimer, SELL!
  10. Aren't you the same bull market poster?

    Seems like the markets is a kindergarden playground to you or your a very good joker (just kidding around) in this post and the posts in the above links.

    If your not kidding around...

    why would you be SHORTING a strong uptrend like today's afternoon when your so convinced that this is the start of a bull market?

    Did you tried going Long at least once during the afternoon rally?

    Simply, if your serious in your message posts and this is not a joke to you...I think you should stop trading and go find another occupation.

    It's traders like you that need to stay away from the markets...

    reminds me of Lundy...

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