Bad Data?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by ThomasD, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I am comparing two live 5 minute candlestick charts for two brokers. On one of them, the price is above the 10 period simple moving average, on the other, it is below. One shows rising volume for the three most recent candles, the other shows declining volume. The actual candle on the two charts differ significantly (wicks, color). One chart show a green volume spike, the other shows a red volume spike for the same period. The BXA sizes are different for each broker.

    It seams as if the only thing that's consistent is the last transaction price.

    How do you know which broker is providing accurate data???
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    By the way, are you trading anything in particuliar, Fx, Futures, Stocks, Options?

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  4. ThomasD


    Does anyone on here have absolute confidence in their intraday technical data?
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    It looks like one of the brokers is now lagging in price by about 5-10 seconds.
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    Has anyone ever compared live data between two brokers before?
  7. Yes, there is a youtube clip comparing two at the same time intra day. I saw it on the right side of the page when searching for xtrader, and clicked on it.

    I'm taking the kids on a night fishing trip, and am about to leave the house or I'd search around for it.