Bad Arca fills on news

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by KeithOmalley, May 14, 2008.

  1. So this has been happenings a few times to me on arca.

    Yahoo news today. i go to buy yahoo using ARCA. IN the same second i am getting filled 25.50 and 26.50. I crossed up the market to 26.60 but expected to get price improvement. At the same time i am filled on Island, rash and everything else from 25.50-25.70. Here is the kicker I was providing liquity somehow at 26.50

    ARCA did not break the trade. since it was not in there "clearly erroneous trade rules". This happened to me on Sprint News last week, where i got filled on arca $1 over the market. that at least was broken

    Arca is not offering price improvement after the inside level because of some "bug" on there side.

    Before you ask. i was pretty quick to the news
  2. Yeah, you were quick to rip yourself off.
  3. Was it a market order?

    Was it regular session or pre/post market?

    Have also experienced trades thru the market myself from time to time, but never $1 out.

  4. ry fast moving market withi the news . was loaded 50 cent steps as i was ready for it. under 0 circumstance should this even happen a nysq or nsadaq. liquity is all over 100th of thoses better arca fills i could of gotten. this seems like if we keep pushing arca abvout this and getyour boy chuck schumer should look into this

    before i got nuts on this, is there anny else outside hold brothers who have had this isse?

  5. both times slow in the afternoon 3-4pm