Bad Apple

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  1. Thinking of shorting Apple if it gets to 70. What do you think?
    Will take an orange while waiting :)
  2. Short a piece of the Apple
  3. i was actually thinking of buying some calls. Calculate the fibs with a breakout at 42. It's pretty close to a retracement.
  4. it's funny, I was checking to see if this little rally was a short squeeze, but the float ratio is less than 1!

    maybe the real deal...
  5. where did you get your short data from? i thought nasdaq only realeased monthly short data...
  6. Small profit. I think Adobe will go up. Maybe some calls there? :)
    Those tall bars in Apple. Manipulation to create an illusion? Lets see
  7. apple could gain momentum in their higher margin product lines this year. shorting could be risky, but possible because they didn't seem to plan the transition very well.
  8. if the new imac powerbooks prove to be a success the stock is going back up to the q.

    EDIT; let me rephrase it: aapl is going back to highs no matter what :p
  9. If the global environment stays put - oil price stay around the same price, gold stay around the same level, etc., then the market will have a chance to breakout to the upside in general.

    Provided that happen, momentum stocks like AAPL will be in play and can easily push to make more new highs.

    Remember that you can never guess what Jobs will do next :)
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