BAC's P/E Ratio is 611.6

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  1. Look it up.
  2. stocks dont trade on pe ratios.
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    Yep, just like they didn't during the dot com bubble...

    HINT HINT!!!!!

  4. you have to be pretty wet behind the ears to actually think that you can trade stocks based on pe ratios.
  5. So, BAC is a long at present for a swing or long term trade? Not being a smart ass, I'm actually wet behind the ears. If you simply think TA should mostly determine short term trades then I follow. Otherwise I'm interested in your pe stance. If you also infer trying to follow pe on a bank like BAC is an effort in futility (until it's too late), I follow that too. :cool:
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  7. And the economy bottomed because his hag wife realtor has been selling some 50k condo's.

    Stick a fork in this fruitcake.
  8. you have been on et since 2005 and you still think stocks trade on pe ratios? you might need to search for a new line of work if you havent figured it out by now.
  9. Not at all, but the fact that some foreclosed properties are moving does not imply that the housing market is "hot" and that the economy has "bottomed" as you imply in all of your over the top partisan posts on the economy.

    Subsidies and stimulus are the ONLY thing keeping this house of cards propped up.
  10. WOW, It has one ?
    Do they actualy make money ?....................hahahh

    losses were like 2 bil or something right
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