Backup Power and cable modem

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  1. If you have a power loss will your cable modem still work?

    At 11am today, Bam! total meltdown. Whole neighborhood out for an hour.

    Would my connection still be live if I had a UPS?
  2. Yes, you need to also have your Cable Modem on the Power Back-Up.

    Do you somehow think that the Cable Modem DOES NOT RUN ON ELECTRICITY???

    And by the way, depending on what type of "power" requirements your computer system demands, most power back-ups are only good for 6-7 minutes of run time . . . just enough for you to properly shut-down all of your programs, or liquadate positions.
  3. LOL..of course I know the modem itself works on electricity...what I am asking about is the cable signal.

    Phones still work with out power...blah blah. Why did I bother to ask. Just typical ET wiseass answer.
  4. it depends on if your neighborhood cable black box(not sure the the proper name), the box that has converters going from cable to fibers. if that box uses your local power grid that also includes your home, you are out of luck there.

    or, your cable provider might be smart enough to include their own power for those boxes.

    my 2c

  5. I bought a nice UPS that will run one computer for about half an hour for around $100 on Ebay from this guy: ncc1701i on this page:
    It was sold as used but it was just like new as far as I could figure.

    I only connect one computer, one monitor, cable modem and network router to the UPS to make it last as long as possible during a power outage. My other computers, printers and non essentials are connected separately.

    It the power is out beyond 1/2 hour I have a 700 watt inverter that I can connect to a running vehicle in my driveway and run an extension cord to the computer.
  6. wow! inverter! you are a smart guy. (not trying to be sacarstic)

    usually used UPS is not a good buy because as we all know, batteries do have a life span and they get shorter as time goes on.

    anyway. lets say if the UPS does kick in as it suppose to, and power hasn't come back for about 15mins. shouldn't you close out your open positions?

    just curious

  7. I don't know if the modem would work...I worked for a large telecom company before the stock market and from what I remember the cable lines have relays to carry the signal.
  8. pspr


    You can answer your own question by unplugging the power input to you cable modem right now. You'll soon find out if it still works without power. Don't forget to plug it back in before you try to post your reply.

  9. no. thats not what i mean.
    lazyboy knows what I'm talking about.
    and lilboy knows what i mean too.

  10. I found exactly that happened during the great power failure of 2003, the cable internet stopped working too. I also have a dial up modem in the computer connected to a phone line which keeps working during a power failure.
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