Backup of PM's is garbled

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by bungrider, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. For some reason, and I'm not on my usual machine this week, when i try to make a backup of my PM's, it spits out scrambled characters and not standard text characters...??
  2. Looks like this....

    ‹xì½ys[W–åû¿"ôn²œ%)Kg L[2%Ò"m²Û©—Q¯ .IX˜ƒ(æ‹ÎÏÞ¿µö9÷²(SÙÝñºÞKf•Ew8Ã×Î×Ø=yÙ|ûz¯Øo¯zqxð²XZ^YùeãåÊÊns7¾Øl¬Íqk0éN»ÃA«·²²w¼ôìu›ÿÝÛÙ}öuó y¸÷ì»áxÖŸËÅëq÷}kZGådÒº('E»uön6*ÎÇÃ~±útyíéòêú×+Óî´Wê!§Í·‡{ÅôzT~3-?LWÎ&>~q²û¶øîÞ)Šóá`º|Þêw{×ÛEkÜmõþ\}<
  3. using IE version 6.0.2600.0000

    ...if that helps...

    thanks in adv baron
  4. I discovered that PM backups seem to be compressed files. Try unzipping them.

  5. How would I unzip the file? It spits the backup output into a new IE window.

    Thanks for your help!
  6. Baron

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    I can't seem to reproduce the error. I use the same IE version as you do bung. hmmm

    I do know that the problem is related to compression, as indicated above. The garbled characters usually happen when something gets compressed twice. I don't see where the second compression is coming from though.
  7. One thing that is different about the machine I am using right now is that it doesn't have winzip installed, but rather AlZip, which is a much better program.

    Maybe AlZip doesn't integrate as obnoxiously into the computer as winzip does...and doesn't automatically de-compress everything.

    Could that be it? Is the compression a .zip format??
  8. I named/renamed the file to have a .zip extension and that worked for me.

    Good luck,
  9. Compression my ass - it's Wolof, a Senegalese dialect and translates thus :

    "Dear Bungrider,
    My uncle is the deposed President of Senegal and has access to $125 million in a joint bank account with ...(garbled)......."
  10. LOL...I'll try the .zip thing tomorrow.

    gotta go play now.

    thx again,
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