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Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by speedy, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. speedy


    Is anyone familiar with the RAID 1 controller that Dell sells? I was considering installing on my home pc. Is this something a not so computer literate person can do?
  2. prox


    Do you actually "need" real time hard drive mirroring and a CD-R won't suffice ?

    Yes, it's relatively complex to configure.
  3. If you're using W2K or XP, check the Disk Management utility - you should be able to create a mirrored set without bothering with a RAID controller (unless you're building a high performance server that's going to be taking lots of disk traffic, you shouldn't need a seperate controller).

    As far as "needing" a realtime mirror rather than an occassional CD backup - with how cheap hard drives have become, it doesn't have to be "need" of an RT mirror so much as being willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for added redundancy and not worrying about backups in the event of a HD problem.

    CD backups are OK if you've got a comparatively small hard drive. But if you're using larger format drives - forget it. Even if you're using a DVD writer, it could take 10+ DVDs (or a whole lot more CDs) and a lot of time to backup (and later restore) a fairly full 120 GB hard drive - but with an active mirror, if the primary disk fails you can keep going and with little or no interruption instead of the alternative.

    If you've ever had a disk fail on you and had to screw around with replacing and then restoring, a couple hundred bucks is cheap insurance to not have to do it again.
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    If you are using Win2000, you can easily "clone" your HD. (I do mine regularly).

    Respond to this post, and I'll tell you how.