Backup CD collection?

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    Ok here is maybe a tough one:

    I have a bunch of CDs. I want to transfer them to a digital jukebox like

    Here are my quesitons:

    1) My speakers are controled and attached to an A/V receiver that takes HDMI inputs. Is there a jukebox that will connect to an A/V receiver so I can use my speakers (B&W) ?

    2) I don't know what the format that these hard disks store the music in, but I assume it is something like an iPod using MP3 etc. Is there one that stores the CD without any compression? In the age of $150 one terabyte disks, why lose fidelity?
  2. you must be joking.

    i looked at the price for the product you mentioned.

    guess there's one born every minute.
  3. I don't have a direct solution for you but I would go with the FLAC file format. It's lossless and open source so you're not bound to a specific vendor (like with Apple lossless for example). Towards the bottom of the page are lots of hardware devices that support it.
  4. OggVorbis is also a free open source format.
  5. I hear there's something on the market called a computer, it can store and play back music files of any type.

    This is good news for those with a clue, and bad news for specialty box sellers.

    FLAC says its lossless but I found a missing byte once in 1991.
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    Thanks for the ideas. I have a place to start now.