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    Is there any software out there that a non-programmer can use to backtest some ideas. I was interested in tradestation, but it seems that you can only run it through specific stocks and portfolios. I need something that can go through the entire market (Nasdaq and NYSE) . ive looked through previous posts, but could not find the info i was looking for.
  2. Please let me know when you find one. All of them require programming at some level
    2. amibroker
    3. tradestation
    4. AIG

    I am sure I missed a few.
  3. elit


    Wealth-lab has some "wizard" for non-programmers.

    Otherwise I recommend Amibroker, if you'd find time to learn to program it.
  4. Rong


    I like Amibroker also but will never be able to do the programming ,Iam going to look at Metastock tonight
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    Investor RT.
  6. Can you really backtest without programming code? Or are you going to tell me it's easy like easy language?:p
  7. RightEdge will let you backtest with no programming at all. I recommend checking out the Drag and Drop demo video on the site. In the current beta you do need to do a little bit of programming, but beta 3 will be out soon and will require no programming at all.
  8. Thanks I will take a peek.
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    Thanks guys I also will check it out
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