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  1. Hi guys!

    Can you advise some programs for programming and backtesting of my system? I'm novice in this stuff and have no idea about programming.
    Am I correct that it is possible to program and test my system on wealth-lab's site? Is it good?
    Would appreciate any advice.
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  3. Since you said you are a novice, Wealth-lab may be too advanced for a beginner. If not careful, it can allow you to fall into some back-testing traps.

    For the beginner, you may want to try TradeStation (expensive, but easier for the novice). Metastock is easier, but you will soon grow outsdie its limitations.

    The complexity of your method will help you determine the best program to use.
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    Well, if you're familiar with spreadsheets, you can program your backtest on one of them, but I don't recommend it if you're not already familiar.

    Probably the best commercial program is AmiBroker. Cheap but very reliable and feature-heavy; it would be a "Best Buy" if Consumer Reports rated trading software. :cool:
  5. Is Amibroker only for stocks? I took a quick peak and I see no mention of futures backtesting, maybe I missed something though?
  6. Another question if I could. I am not trying to hijack your thread. How hard is it to write code. Frankly, I have never written code at all.

    I would like to test something this on a entry green candle when the set up candle closes btween 4-9 ticks above my S/R line. Those variables must be met or the trade is invalid. Once in stop is at 8 ticks from entry, once it has 9 ticks profits, roll to break even, with a profit target of 14 ticks of more.

    Can this be done by a novice like me that is willing to learn, whether it be amibroker or something else?

    Thanks much.

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    I also vote for AMIBroker for backtesting.

    I started with, though. They also support backtesting and are easy to use.

  8. Thanks, guys!

    I've heard Amibroker sometomes has some errors and works not good. Is that correct?
    Is it possible to find somewhere intraday data for american stocks for Tradestation?

    Thanks for your support.
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