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  1. Hi traders.

    I've bought a software to backtest the emini S&P (es) and I am verry happy with it.

    I found it very important to backtest an idea. It has prtected me to made mistakes trading signals that has only done well over the last 2 month.

    If you has an idea how to trade the emini S&P I can backtest it for you for free.

    I garantie that i will not publish any results or contents based on your system.

    Why I do this? Well I want to ameliorate my programming know how and want to use it in practice for practice.

    If you have an Idea that I should backtest please send me an email to

    wish you all the best
  2. ron2368


    What backtesting software are you using?:confused:
  3. hi

    @webmaster can i name the software? i don't want to made anny advertising.......

    it is a very popular backtesting software and I use some DLL's (fuzzy logic, neural net) as ad on.

    why only the s&p emini? I only have the es as tickdata.....

    ron you can send me an email and I will tell you.
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    please specify the software it is OK within this context. thanks.

  5. i think it works good and the ability to ad on DLL's the moste important part for me.