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    I've never done any sort of backtesting, could someone point me in the right direction to get started? Is tradestation or trade-ideas a good place to start?
  2. I've played with Tradestation, Multicharts, Ninjatrader and Openquant. They are all great in their own right but I had one experience that was an eye opener. I tested a system by looking at charts and noting the trades, I tested the same system with Ninjatrader's backtester and also with Openquant's backtester and I got three entirely different results. I never could account for that but it changed the way I do testing. I do some manual testing, then I write an indicator [not a strategy] that performs the same work I did manually, then I proceed to a strategy that I can backtest [currently that is done in Openquant] and I also run it forward in realtime against a simulated account and I compare all the results. Anything less than that is not satisfactory to me considering that the backtesting industry is sort of in a stage of infancy and you can't really predict slippage and missed trades in a backtest...
  3. I remember using Excel spreadsheets at first. Now I write my own c++ programs. There are many commercial trade simulator software programs available and some companies have free trial offers. I find back testing useful for optimizing the risk level. I recall for years I was trading too small. If the risk is too small then winning trades do not show enough profit to outperform a money market fund.
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    Okay, now where do you guys get your data feed from? Which feed source offers the most intraday historical data for backtesting? I'm looking to backtest day trading/scalping methods.
  5. Opentick and IB. Opentick is free but it's closed to new accounts currently or was the last time I looked.
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    Anyone use esignal?
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    You can write Expert Adviser in MetaTrader4 and then backtest it in historical data. If you know C++ programming language it will be easy for you. If you see that backtesting results are good you can use the Expert you wrote for regular trades without your interaction.