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    so i've got my little indicator formula that sits at the bottom of a chart in esignal... but how the heck do u backtest this thing? the esignal formula wizard doesn't show any studies other than the ones in the builtin folder... arrrrgh :confused:

    is there any way to backtest my indicator or do i have to get another program? (or spend 10 years in excell doing this manually...)

    thanks again
  2. You need to study the EFS programming language. Unless you are already a programmer, it's going to be a loooooonnnggg road. Tradestation Easy language is, IMHO, infinitely easier to code for a complete novice.
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    thats just the thing tho, where the hell is the efs documentation? i'd learn it if i could find more than bits and pieces of it on esignal's education website...
  4. Go to

    In the bulliten board section there is a section titled Backtesting.

    The first post has a series of links to the esignal knowledgebase, that cover backtesying - the artles will will walk you through the process.


  5. thats my problem too. I started trading with esignal but cant get the programming of the efs formulas. They have no training for learning the efs. They have bits and pieces of literature all over . They give tons of courses on advanced get and pitching there software but none on making formulas. When i ask why they don't give a seminar or something they responded by there is no demand for it. Go figure. I really need to change to tradestation !!
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    First off, thank you for your interest in backtesting your formulas with eSignal. We do house all of our EFS documentation in one location called the EFS KnowledgeBase.

    As far as further training on EFS, we are in the process of creating training videos on learning EFS. I don't have an estimate for when they will be live, but know that they are on their way.
  7. JayF,

    You should have a KnowledgeBase icon on the esignal central homepage. No one can find it.

    By the way, the search functionality of the site is useless.

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    The link is there, but admittedly it is a bit hard to catch. If you hover your mouse over the Support tab at the top of eSignal Central, there will be a link to the KB. I'll see if I can get more visibility to it, especially considering how important the information is contained therein.

    Regarding the search feature, I'll have a chat with our Web Team about that to see if it too can be enhanced.

    Thanks for the feedback, Runningbear.
  9. Jay ,

    Whats the situation with efs2 . I know they said it is on 7.9? Does it have a formula wizard or is the wizard still limited to basic studies. Is this the major release or will they be more to training , examples , videos

    Also is esignal aware of fustration of many of thier customers on the difficulties of using efs? Is efs2 any easier or do you still have to be a programmer to use it ? I like the software and have been using it for 2 years but i am at a stage where i want to do more mechanical trading .

    i just had a 3rd party do some programming ( very expensive )and even he complained on the difficulty of efs over els( tradestation). I am sure your customers would pay for a course the same way they take courses on advanced get.

    a customer willing to learn if your willing to teach!
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    Hello watchdaride,

    EFS2 was introduced with the 7.9 release. To read more about what EFS2 brings to the formula language, please review this article from our EFS Knowledgebase for more specifics. There will be some new help documentation as we go forward. Keep you eye on the EFS KB. Another good resource for EFS2 coding is our EFS2 Development forum.

    The Formula Wizard has not yet been updated to be compatible with EFS2 functionality.

    EFS can be challenging depending on the level of complexity one is trying to achieve. As you run into specific coding challenges and questions please post them in our EFS Studies forum.

    Your suggestion for training seminars is a good one. We'll give that consideration as well.

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