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  1. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

    I would think coming up with some simple rules based on the flow of L2 data would be simple enough, but the data would be massive, even for a few days...
  2. Search for him on the boards. If you can find him, I am sure that he can provide provocative preemptive feedback on the potential for dissemination of L2 data within an algorithm based highly scalable architecture posessing the most advanced analytical and statistical nuances and repertoires for advanced market participant analysis for the purpose of discovering hidden tendencies for these players to manipulate and access your capital based efforts in live market environments where your current technology is clearly inferior to those against whom you would wage battle.
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    DAT you're killing me. Good stuff.:)
  4. Man, that SL4 dude is out of control. He's his own worst enemy too. I've never seen the like.

    The site is actually pretty OK. If I read it correctly, they've recorded L2 patterns and are giving signals based on how similar the current situation is to prior patterns. That sounds pretty smart.

    Still, black boxes are for airplanes, not traders. I'd rather see something I can get inside...
  5. Agreed, and many others posted the same thoughts to SL4CEO, who responded with the notion that their Level 5 technology was available to the public for its use.....but that no one....absolutely no one would get access to what these highly sophisticated analytical algorithms were based upon.

    He also added something to the effect that the Level 5 technology was the "base" technology and that it could be scaled all the way to Level 9....but that was only available if you were an alien from the 4th planet orbiting Alpha Centauri....or something along those lines.

    THe level 9 stuff kills me....makes me think of the Level 11 setting on the amp of that guitar player in "Spinal Tap" lol.

    Finally, I also agree...and told CEO as much...that the concept was interesting to me if the technology was valid as it would lend itself greatly to my trading style. So I signed on for the demo....4 times.... and never heard back from anyone.
  6. DAT,

    There's a discussion on the broker thread about a new routing option called Primex that probably invalidates everything SL4 was based on, assuming it wasn't just a scam, which I admit is quite an assumption. Primex is kind of a black hole that marketable orders are tossed into so that MM's can hit or take them without leaving a trace or appearing on LevII.
  7. Anyone using SL4? I want to try it. Proof in the puddin' is eating it. Who has experience with SL4?
  8. LOL DATTrader.. you're killing me :p :p :p