Backtesting - what do I need?

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    I think it would be of great value if I could use several years of data to backtest various trading systems. Or allow me to input various parameters until I stumble upon something thats works (or fits the crutch :) Is there any software that will do that for me?

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  3. "Backtesting - what do I need?"

    To be honest, hard to say anything.
    In my experience, getting to a workable (=profitable) trading system goes hand in hand with "backtesting".
    I simply couldn't separate the two. You get so tuned in to these that after a (reasonably limited) modification, a quick backtest will give you practically all information you want to know. (Better do some thorough testing further on).

    So asking for the kind of backtesting you need is for me almost identical with asking what stretegy you need. If you would be satisfied with "trade with the trend", you'll get lots of "help" but IMHO, that's hard to test!
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  5. Investor RT.
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    I like AmiBroker for most-value-per-dollar advanced trading software but, to be honest, all you need is a modern spreadsheet, i.e., one that has a built-in optimizer function (I think Excel calls theirs 'Solver'). You'll have to learn how to program the cells yourself but it's worth it for the freedom you gain in being able to totally customize your indicators and charts. And you can use AmiQuote.exe (freeware) to download free yahoo EOD data for backtesting to your spreadsheet.
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    Nothing beats your own backtesting software. It can be highly optimized for strategies you are trying to test.
  8. what's a good system design/testing software these days? TradeStation used to be the best, but it's passe -- any other suggestion for something that's easy to use?
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