Backtesting: Wealthlab, tradestation or Investor RT

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    What are your thoughts on the best sftware for backtesting?
    Important point:

    Ease of use.
    I am not a programmer and found tradestation complex in this regard. Wealthlab I couldn't figure at all but that was about a year ago, maybe it is easier now?.
    Anyone backtest using Investor Rt?

    Any other products good for backtesting?
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    I am not a big believer in backtesting (anymore) but I have used Investor RT for testing some simple concepts.
    It is pretty easy to set up a system and backtest it in IRT. Even for non-programmers. Because you build rules with standard dialogs and popups.You can then test these buy and sell rules against one or a batch of symbols.

    The reports are nothing like Tradestation or Wealthlab, but will suffice for most.

    I believe esignal also has backtesting capabilities. I believe it uses javascript, so you need to have some basic programming skills.
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    I am going to take a new trial of both wealthlab and Investor. I went off backtesting too, but occasionally like to check out ideas, so I am back to backtes...
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    choosing tool is depend on what you trying to do. if you want to do backtesting on large portfolio of stocks-there is no substitute for wealth lab. and it a bit more complicated(read-have more capabilities) than any of mentioned above.
    if MA crossover work for you-you don even need all of those)))
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    I need something as advanced as possible but failry easy to use. I thought tradestation was hard to use unless you used the canned indicators. Metastock was easy but far too limited.
  6. I love wealth-lab..

    can't trade without it..
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    Thanks Vegasoul,
    It is looking like WL is the one I will focus on for now. Do you have any comments on it as compared with tradestation?
  9. I have used both and I chose Tradestation.

    Wealthlab is a good tool but has its downsides. The code is very confusing if you're coming from Tradestation or you aren't comfortable with programming languages. Making a simple system takes about twice as much time with Wealthlab than Tradestation (perhaps it's because I'm more familiar with Tradestation, though). Also, the controls aren't as intuitively laid out as with Tradestation.

    That said, Wealthlab is a stand-alone product, where Tradestation is a subscription and their data is horrible. Also, Wealthlab has the best customer service and community support I've seen, so picking up the language may not be too difficult.

    However, Tradestation allows me to do all I need to do in about half the time. I trade futures so I don't do any screening or similar tasks. I learned Easylanguage in about two days; I spent about two weeks with Wealthlab and still wasn't comfortable.

    Unless you do some very advanced systems/testing/trading (or stock screening), Tradestation does everything you need and is much easier to use. I tried all of the major trial software (and bought Wealthlab) and decided Tradestation was the best fit for me.

    Buying a trading tool is like buying underwear; you just have to keep looking till you find the best fit. :)
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