backtesting using fundamental and technical data

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  1. macgibby


    Anyone know which software allows you to develop a system and backtest on fundamental and technical data.
  2. gkishot


    This is weird. How would this be possible to program fundamental data like corporate profits for example into your system?
  3. macgibby


    I don't think it should be a problem to use QOQ sales growth or earnings growth as part of the system. But I don't know which software will allow you to do this. Wealthlab or Metatrade don't have this option...
  4. gkishot


    Fundamental data is useless for short term trading. It determines only the long term trends. But long term trend for QQQQ is a buy. You don't need a system for that.
  5. macgibby


    I agree with you. But this wasn't my question.
  6. bobcows


    Back-testing with both fundamental and technical data is possible but requires a few extra steps and the right software to support this process.

    Technical data is easy to back-test, so I will skip this step.

    As for fundamental data, you first need to find a source that you can export into text files for further import/input. TC2000 has a large number of fundamental data fields for each symbol. It also has a COM/OLE API that allows access from third-party tools. What is needed here is to write a small tool (in VB or other COM compatible language) to perform a recursive loop on all stock symbols and export the data fields to a comma, delimited text file.

    The next step requires a back-testing program that can read in text files while scanning its stock database. My choice is Wealth-lab. Since it can read from TC2000 also, all technical data will stay in sync. As each stock is loaded, you just open the file containing the fundamental data and load the fields into an array of variables. Then you can process whatever calculations you wish.

    This is a more advanced topic; so be ready to get your hands dirty before attempting this.
  7. macgibby


    Thank you, I didn't know Wealthlab can do the job... How long back TC2000 has earnings, sales, etc. data?