Backtesting/system development

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by ZANDY, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. ZANDY


    I'm just starting out creating my own trading system ( mechanical
    /descritionary ) . I try to keep it simple and know what i'm
    looking for. I gained this ability by scanning 100 - 300 charts
    per day mannually from a watchlist. I did this for about a year,
    and it's finally taking a toll on my eyes.
    So, my question is what's a good trading platform to use
    for someone who probably want to create his own mechanical system and paper trade for about 3 months or so?
    I currently using schwab streetsmart pro and stockcharts
    (both are very limited).

    thanks for your advices!
  2. Amibroker. cheap, easy to use, can be used in commodities, futures or stocks. Supports portfolio level backtesting. i.e multiple stocks, different position sizes and strategies, multiple contract support in backtesting, I can go on....