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  1. Can anyonerefer me toa reliable bakesting tool that dopesteh folloiwng:

    1. Portfolio backesting
    2. User defined risk position sizing
    3. Accepts native order types other than market orders e.g. buy limit, stop limit, etc
    4. Can generate a signals on an EOD basis but execute intraday - this is KEY. Why can't I detrmine today (day 1) that I want to buy IBM at a limit price equal to X on day 2.

    Any ideas?
  2. You can take a look at our new product for trading strategies simulation, backtesting, optimization and automation that is currently under public beta testing :

  3. back testing is not something that can be done very well ever. Those who espouse it are mostly doing something called edge trading and they do not focus on whole trades usually.

    Your set of items is part of the problem that you have. The next part will be making a lot of compromises for an assortment of reasons.

    your comments on exits on your list is actually hard to infer or even think up.
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    True. Backtesting has to be more about finding exploitable inefficiencies than actually digging in and finding out about a company and analyzing what is really happening with the stock price/volume.
  5. My email to your site bounced twice.
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    Investor RT.

    You'll be able to backtest on a portfolio and create setups based on daily data. Then trigger your trades, in backtesting, based on intraday activity. This is how I've used the system for 4 years. Contact Linnsoft directly, or go to their Yahoo chat at and ask your questions. There are a number of approaches you can take, depending on specifically what you want to do.