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  1. Oddtrader:
    Learn how to move data into Excel
    Learn how to use the stat tools in the add-on package
    Learn what correllation is
    Learn to recognize stochastic dependency and deterministic dependency
    Read the example Acrary gave on finding and testing a possible trading system.
    You can do this 1.)on the web, 2. buying books and reading, or 3. going to your local community college and taking classes on how to use Excel, and basic (parametric) statistics.
    Once you do this, you will have the ability to test and "characterize" the price movement in your target market. Then if you keep looking, you have a chance to find a relationship that exhibits the kind of stability that is tradeable. That stable relationship is what traders call "edge". Once you find it, trade the hell out of it until you lose it and have to go through the process again.
    This is my best understanding of how to get to your goal (making money). Best Regards, Steve46
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  2. lindq


    I agree with you. I've been using Bill Linn's software (Investor RT) for three years. IMO, it blows away everything else on the market. I can only imagine that the reason they have not gained a broader following is that while they are great software developers, they suck at marketing, and their web site doesn't do a great job of describing all the functions that are available. The program is extraordinarily flexible, fast, reliable, and easy to use, and the support is first-rate. So, go figure. I suppose some people feel they need to slave over a programming language to create a worthwhile system. A mystery to me.

    So here's my pitch (I have no relationship with the company):

    1. Backtesting that is easy to use, and just as flexible any other package. No programming.
    2. Extremely fast backtesting. I can run a list of 700 stocks with multiple trading rules for two years in about 30 seconds.
    3. Complete realtime and EOD charting, with every variation you want to throw at it.
    4. Tracking in realtime, with all the signals and alerts in sound and color that you can handle, in every timeframe.
    5. Quote pages with programmable cells, so you can view levels on any TA indicator, or custom indicator, as they change. This alone is an extremely powerful tool for trading in realtime. (Think of an Excel spreadsheet that you can program with trading indicators, then ask to alert you. Very cool.)
    6. Infinitely flexible system of schedules with alerts and actions. Tell it what do to, and when to do it, in any timeframe.
    7. Works with a variety of data providers for downloading and tracking.
    8. Superb support.
    9. Set up any number of desktop layouts and change them with keyboard shortcuts.
    10. Multiple timeframes in backtesting and tracking.
    11. Etc., etc., etc.

    Any questions, don't PM me. Give them a call. Great people.

    Also, Yahoo chat room:
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  3. Many thanks Steve46 for your feedback. :)
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  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey welcome to the party nitro! :D

    Never wanted to be limited by the retail packages.
    Wrote my own from scratch a long time ago.

    Now just use wealth-lab as a final "check", but do ALL my
    development in my own custom framework.

    I do stuff WL users could only dream of. :)



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  5. Killer advice.

    Except ditch the excel and get a good backtesting platform instead.

    But man.... KILLER advice.

    Steve obviously KNOWS what he is talking about.



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