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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by minmike, May 19, 2004.

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    I'd love to bait Jack but he would then bamboozle, confabulate and generally confuse the shit out of me. :p

    If you're my better AND white trash what does that make me :confused: :( :eek:

    TradeStation 8 for me. I've tried both eSignal and TS and - trust me here - TS is MUCH better.
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  2. ...I yield. Please, please tell me why TS is better. And why a pre-senescent old man shoud learn a new BT language. E-Signal's Un-Easy language was bad enough.
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  3. Hello:
    First I would like to confess that I don't engage in traditional backtesting. For those who want to hear my argument, go to "YM in a can" where I present that argument.
    I am posting here because I wonder why more traders do not use Bob Linn's backtesting package "Linnsoft"? It seems to be a nice alternative to TS, wealthlab, Esignal and others. The language is simple to learn and Bob supports the product pretty well.
    By the way, I am not currently a user, and I have no relationship to the vendor. I use Excel and find it works just fine.
    I look forward to your comments and opinions.
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  4. Would like to learn what's Non-traditional backtesting.

    Any pointers (sites, books, posts)?

    What are the main differences against traditional BT.

    Is it better than traditional BT, how do we know?

    How to do it (non-traditional one), if we want to try?


    Thanks in advance.
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  5. Oddtrader:
    If you read the post, it points you to the thread where I have already made my argument. It is the next sentence after the one you quote.
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  6. Do you mean this post?

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  7. Yes
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    I have looked at everything in existence, and I am completely disillusioned with all retail packages.

    I am building my own from scratch in C#. I am finding the effort really beginning to pay dividends, but it's a huge amount of work.

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  10. I'm a big fan of backtesting after having seen someone use it to design a *simple* trading strategy which operated more or less like a cash mint in the early 90's.

    After using backtesting on proprietary systems running on a 286!!!! (all night for a simple moving average with bands) and then Supercharts/Tradestation, I've broken with TS and ported over to Amibroker. I think Amibroker is a superior product for backtesting, although it does require you to have some inkling of programming skills to make it work. I looked at wealth lab, which was interesting, but didn't like the web-based interface. I prefer something that sits on my computer that I can use WHEN I want and if it goes under, I didn't spend all my time and effort learning a programming language which I can't even access (while I port over to something else).

    Amibroker is a steal for the price - just expect a fairly steep learning curve.
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