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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by minmike, May 19, 2004.

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    I know this is a stab in the dark by a newbie, but I was looking for a low cost or free back testing software. I realize nobody likes to give anything away, but I was hoping someone was trying to promote a site or something. I want to make sure my ideas work without investing to much money in the seach. Thanks again for any input.

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  3. get what you pay for. I use and recommend E-Signal. I pay $122 a month including futures data. It is relatively easy to get started using example code on their support website. The data latency appears to be low, and the on-the-air reliability is very high.
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    ...but there is virtually no data so eSignal is hopeless for backtesting.

    Mike - You can get free copies of TradeStation 2000i off the Internet. Find some data and you're off.
  5. ...there is six months of one minute data, and longer period data back to Noah's Flood. Lots of data is a mixed blessing. Backtesting even a simple intraday strategy by optimizing one entry parameter plus a stop and a take is a several hours process. If I had more one minute data I am not sure that I would use it.
  6. Where exactly can you get these free copies of TS2000i? That's big news to me. PM if you do not like to share it here. I had bought my copy of TS2000i some time ago, but it stopped working recently...
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    a hackney with little meaning
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    FREE for EOD strategy developing/testing.

    The best platform for developing/testing strategies.

  10. ...are you trying to bait your betters? Go aggravate Jack, he's an easier target. E-Signal is perfectly fine for the simple strategies which are the proper purview of backtesting. My best codes have maybe 50 instructions in them. With a modest speed PC you can have several of them running in real-time as "helpers" if you're too stupid to recognize your own signals. If you're such experts, what do YOU use? Or are you just flies buzzing around the white trash?
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