BackTesting Software with Native Bracket Order Functionality

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CPTrader, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. I am desperately...yes I used the word, desperately, looking for portfolio backtetsing software with NATIVE bracket order functionality.

    That is, where each entry order has a stop & profit target atatched to it, and once the stop or porfit target is filled the other is cancelled.

    This is so basic but I can't seem to find software that achieves this without going through lots of complicated code.

    Please help!

    Thank you.
  2. edbar


    CoolTrade has backtesting and forward testing built into it.

    It manages everything (stop loss, profit limits, profit protection) within the software, and only fires the entry/exit market orders when the conditions are met.

    It also is a portfolio manager so you do not put any specific order in. so, for instance, if you have a .30 per share goal, or 5% goal, etc it will calculate all of the entry/exit target prices and then 100% manage them.


  3. Thanks but this seems to be geared towards stocks. I primarily trade futures.
  4. edbar


    That's correct. It is 100% stocks only. Including ETF's like SPY QQQQ DIA, etc.
  5. maxpi


    Ninjatrader has the brackets built in, you can call them from a backtest or a manual or automated trade..... not sure about the rest of your requirements though. OpenQuant has cut and paste code on their forums for placing bracket orders, OCO, wtf.... are you not a programmer? You paste it into the OnOrder filled section of your code and it fires off every time your entry order gets filled... whether they really have portfolio backtesting built in I don't know, you can run multi strategy on multi instrument but how much they facilitate portfolio testing, in a transparent way, I don't know. All the coding capabilities to do your own folio management are there but you might have to code it......... personally I dont' think that is very hard to work out if you are a programmer with minimal skill levels like I am, self taught, I could do it if I had to but currently I'm working on just one instrument, when I need to diversify I'll attack the folio thingy, I did it before in easy language.....