Backtesting Retracements and Extensions

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mmm, Feb 21, 2004.

  1. mmm



    I am interested in backtesting setups based on clusters of retracements and extensions that meet near the same price level.

    This appears to be a non-trivial programming problem due to finding all the swings that are relevant to current price level.

    The swings may be from years ago (ie, the all time high of the recent bull market and the all time low of the recent bear market) or from just minutes ago (ie, the most recent swing).

    Do you think this project is doable in TradeStation's EasyLanguage or in Wealth-Lab?

    If so, how long do you think it would take write the necessary code from scratch? I'm familiar with programming in non-graphical C and Pascal, but I would need to get up to speed on EasyLanguage and Wealth-Lab.

    I'm sure this project can be done in C++ or in VBA for Office.

    Any ideas how long it would take for me to get up to speed on these tools and to create this application?

    Are there any other tools out there might help me with this project?


    -- M
  2. I find that backtesting goes wonderfully well if I dress for the occasion. I like to dress up in a confederate general's uniform and boots. Also because backtesting can be tiresome, I find it necessary to take regular breaks from the work. I like to go out to the front yard and standing at the highest point. Blow a brisk cavalry charge on a bugle. I find that it helps to wave a nine iron or sand wedge and yell "Yeee Haaa" or "Long Live the Confederacy!!!! I hope this helps. Best regards from rainy and stormy California. Steve46
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    save your programming time, tradingmarket sell the retracement scanner, look like they now in selling tools business they wrote a bunch of tools then just sell each one separately.
  4. mmillar


    Whilst in general agreement with Steve46, I find that dressing as an officer in the Mexican militia circa 1850 has a higher percentage of winning trades and a lower drawdown.
  5. mmm


    Thanks nkhoi.

    I'm looking for more than just a scanner tool, but rather a backtesting tool, one that can generate some system trading statistics.

    Any other thoughts on this?


    -- M