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  1. I admit I am not even close to being a programmer

    I am a trader...with mountains of ideas I want to backtest and set loose

    Can anyone recommend a backtesting software that is Non Programmer Friendly..

    My strategies involve multiple stocks on multiple time frames, pairs, stocks vs indices, etc

    Another key i am looking for is Optimiziation Variables
    For example it will rank if i set the stop loss at 25% to 50% of the 30day ADR on the basket of stocks...which ones "tested" the best

    I dont mind having to learn a little programming language...but the less the better as i want to commit my time to figuring out which algo's work the best and settin them loose

    I already have 2 programs running and 1 being built without any testing...and so far so good
    ..but i would like future ones to be optimized so i feel comfortable trading size and knowing my drawdowns (or at least have a somewhat idea)

    PS...i tried tradestation....i didnt like it because my strategies involve multiple time frames on multiple stocks and for some weird reason you can not test multiple stocks on i had to rely on someone to do the coding for me..and i hate that
  2. have you had success with wealth lab???

    i took a look at it....r u talkin bout the Developer version??
    i live in the US so im not gonna use Fidelity for my trades (obviously)

    i actually emailed them and some of the stuff i wanted to do needed programming is the response i got

    You could do it but currently not without programming some part of it. I
    doubt there will be any software that can do such a specific set up without

    Kind regards,

    XXXX XXXXX <-------- i x'ed the name out of respect

    but if they are the best ones..i might have to give it a shot
    they did get back to me pretty quickly..unlike some other guys i have emailed
  3. Yes. I use it each and every trading day, and my programming skills remain limited at best. In other words, I have no programming skills other than how to use Wealth-lab Developer. You can download a free trial of The Wealth Lab Developer Version of the software from the web site. Regarding Fidelity, I would imagine a creative individual could find additional locations from which to obtain the program as well, but I wouldn't know much about such things.

    The WLD version has a wizard that helps you to create trading programs. Or, you can do as I did, and simply see what others have done, and adapt their code to fit your own needs. Over time, my "copy and paste" learning approach enabled me to improve my skills, and write my own code.

    In addition, the Wealth-Lab Discussion Boards offer a multitude of users willing and able to help when you get stuck.

    Good Luck and Good trading.

    - Spydertrader
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    I don't know anything about this company but it might be worth a look:
  5. Thanks Spyder....i will try to get creative :)

    your input really helps

  6. Hi,

    we have so-called "component based startegy design mode" in the QuantDeveloper

    You can develop a startegy from a pool of pre-defined components, such as Entry, Exit, MoneyManager, RiskManager, ExposureManager, ExecutionManager, etc., f.ex. you can create a turtle -like trading strategy if you combine a breakout entry / exit, ATR money manager and stop risk manager in a single strategy. All this you can do with a few mouse clicks playing a lego game and no programming at all. You can also change component / strategy parameters, backtest, optimize and autotrade a strategy without writing a single line of code.

    On the other hand you can always edit the code of every component on the fly and create your custom components if you require advanced functionalities.

    You can get a better idea if you watch this demo video

    and read startegy development tutorial

    We currently have a release candidate that you can download and play with

    PS. Indeed you will still rely on the code written by someone else (by us or other contributors in the case of QuantDeveloper strategy component model). There is a source code piece bhind any component, so that even if you understand how f.ex. ATR money manager component should work, it's always better to be able to understand the code to be sure it works correctly. Moreover, QuantDeveloper itself (as well as any other trading platform) is built from source code (surprise :)). Thus you will always, directly or indirectly, rely on the source code of trading / development application. That's why we offer full source of our trading applications to our customers in order to give them enough confidence in their trading / development environment and minimize operational risks.

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    Have u tested metastock

    they added backtesting to their screening.
    Very good board, very easy language:
    Great board, tons of systems that work and can be improved (add some more "panik' and 'volumne' to the above screen and you make a living!)

    Very very cheap (under 10 Dollars a month!).


    System Example:

    Entry Filter

    Show stocks where RSI(2) is less than 1
    and close is between 0.1 and 5
    and close more then 5% below close 1 day ago
    and average price (10) * average volume (10) > 50000

    Basic Setup
    Name: Live Search
    Approach Type: Long
    Start Date: 04/30/2004
    End Date: 05/18/2005
    Benchmark Symbol: ^SPX

    Exit Setup
    Stop Loss: 25%
    Profit Stop: N/A
    Trailing Stop Loss: N/A
    Minimum Holding Days: 3
    Maximum holding days: 3

    Extra Indicators
    Entry Columns:
    Show Performance After: after 2 days
    after 5 days
    after 10 days
    after 25 days
    after 40 days

    Advanced Options
    Selection Method: select by volume descending
    Entry Price: open
    Conditional Entry: No
    Exit Price: open
    Maximum Trades Per Day: 25
    Maximum Open Positions: 250


    Approach Information
    Approach Name: Live Search
    Test started on 04/30/2004 ended on 05/18/2005, covering 264 days
    Filter used:
    Show stocks where RSI(2) is less than 1
    and close is between 0.1 and 5
    and close more then 5% below close 1 day ago
    and average price (10) * average volume (10) > 50000

    Trade Statistics
    There were 1841 total stocks entered. Of those, 1834 or 99.62% were complete and 7 or 0.38% were open.
    Of the 1834 completed trades, 986 trades or 53.76%resulted in a net gain.
    Your average net change for completed trades was: 4.56%.
    The average draw down of your approach was: -7.88%.
    The average max profit of your approach was: 14.72%
    The Reward/Risk ratio for this approach is: 2.35
    Annualized Return on Investment (ROI): 376.05%, the ROI of ^SPX was: 6.02%.

    Exit Statistics
    Stop Loss was triggered 52 times or 2.84% of the time.
    Stop Profit was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
    Trailing Stop Loss was triggered 0 times or 0.00% of the time.
    You held for the maximum period of time (3 days) 1782 times or 97.16% of the time.
    An exit trigger was executed 0 times or 0.00% of the time.

    Statistics By Holding Period
    Completed 2 day chg 5 day chg 10 day chg 25 day chg 40 day chg
    Winners: 986 1015 967 952 852 777
    Losers: 712 646 750 800 942 995
    Win/Loss Ratio: 1.39:1 1.57:1 1.29:1 1.19:1 0.90:1 0.78:1
    Net Change: 4.56% 4.09% 4.04% 4.18% 3.03% 1.27%

    Statistics By Variable: Match Price
    <0.5 <1 <1.5 <2 <2.5 <3 <3.5 <4 <4.5 <5
    Completed 301:195 176:95 110:90 98:71 73:53 40:49 56:34 58:47 42:48 31:30
    2 day chg 332:133 181:88 111:87 101:65 73:56 41:47 43:47 53:50 48:43 31:30
    5 day chg 290:215 169:101 120:82 91:81 71:59 45:43 47:45 57:49 49:42 28:33
    10 day chg 271:248 167:116 127:79 93:79 60:71 46:43 55:39 59:47 43:47 30:31
    25 day chg 251:293 150:139 97:109 74:101 54:79 45:45 59:36 48:60 47:46 27:33
    40 day chg 224:319 127:154 85:118 63:109 53:76 38:53 57:36 51:56 56:35 23:38

    Statistics By Variable: Average Volume
    <10.0M <20.0M <30.0M <40.0M <50.0M <60.0M <70.0M <80.0M <90.0M <100.0M
    Completed 979:707 4:4 - 2:1 - 1:0 - - - -
    2 day chg 1009:640 3:5 - 2:1 - 1:0 - - - -
    5 day chg 961:745 3:4 - 2:1 - 1:0 - - - -
    10 day chg 946:794 3:5 - 3:0 - 0:1 - - - -
    25 day chg 845:938 3:4 - 3:0 - 1:0 - - - -
    40 day chg 771:990 2:5 - 3:0 - 1:0 - - - -
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