backtesting on hundreds of stocks in Tradestation

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  1. Hi, does anyone know how to backtest a strategy on hundreds of stocks or even thousands in Tradestation?

    Right now the only way I know to backtest a strategy is to apply it to a chart, and change the symbol to see how it performs on different stocks. But this is a very slow way to gather statistics.
    If anyone knows a better and faster way please help!

  2. your probably better using different software for portfolio level backtesting- amibroker works great for me
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    Unfortunately, Tradestation wont evaluate multiple stocks. You need an addon to Tradestation from Rina to do this:
  4. hi psytrade, I'm trying to backtest on intraday data going back for years. Currently I dont' have the data to use in Amibroker, plus the coding in Amibroker is a little outta my league.

    Splat. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
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    Doing intraday back testing for hundreds of stocks without programming knowledge is impossible imho.
    besides amibroker wealth-lab can do portfolio back testing, but you still need a data for it. qcharts+qcollector works for me. all above mentioned software have free trial.
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    Trade Ideas is coming out with something called Odds Maker which does intra day backtesting or odds calculations on an unlimited number of stocks. I read it on their blog They said in beta it will be free to all anyone using their stuff.
  7. I know a little VB but it's limited. The easylanguage in Tradestation was fairly easy to pick up and write a strategy. It's just hard to test a large sample of stocks to optimize. I guess to truly do everything I need to do is to write the codes my self with VB and my own data. I'm gonna check out qcharts. Thanks Bob.

    Igolf, the link doesn't work. Do you have another one?
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    check your PM
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    Try it again with this.

    If not just go here and look up Q and A with Odds Maker
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