Backtesting of this TS System:

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by tah, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. tah


    I was interested in finding out how this system performs:

    I contacted the vendor for some performance info and he claims that it takes too long to backtest because the neural nets take so much computer power and that it could take many hours to run a long term performance report.
    Unfortunately, my computer is very slow. If anyone has a computer with some decent processing power and who would be interested in testing this system out, then please do so and let me know the results.

    They offer a 30 day demo to try out the system.
    I would like to see a long term performance report running this system on the SP Futures or Emini SP and see if this system is any good.

    Of course the vendor claims it performs great in real time, but I am only a believer until I see some concrete backtested numbers.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. nkhoi


    from the web site: "NeuralScope Software is available to you by annual lease for $2,700.00. So there is no better time to get started Trading, than the present. "

    with that much money they should be able to afford a cray machine to test their theory, my own theory; the neural net predicts that there is 50/50 chance that you will fall for it.
  3. But I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole without some sample reports and time to do adequate testing of my own. Have you tried or other watchdog type site?

    Let us know how it works for you.
  4. man


    very right. sounds like "good" marketing ...

  5. tah,

    Two thoughts. I don't understand the vendor's response, because they had to have an out of sample test for the net. Surely they can show you historical real time results, but you have no way of knowing if those were the actual results produced at that time by the net or were gnereated later.

    They appear to offer a free trial. Why not just try it out and see what happens and report back to us. I know nothing about these guys but it does sound interesting.
  6. nkhoi


    AAA, tah said vendor don't have enough mojo to run the neural, I suspect they're still using the Z80 to compute.
  7. Sounds like and all their neural net & astrology trading bullshit.
  8. tah


    Hello guys, thanks for all your replies.

    I agree with you guys. I am always skeptical of these vendors and that is why I am trying to get some legitimate testing results since they do offer a free trial.

    To answer a few questions that you guys posted. I tried contacting futures truth and they don't track them.

    In reply to AAA's post. The vendor only gives out results on a very short term only 30 days of data or so. And I don't believe that is near enough. I would like to see at least a year or two's worth of backtested results.

    I would love to test this out and share the results with you, but like I was saying, it takes a good computer with some horsepower to test out this Tradestation system running neural nets, which I don't have unfortunately and that is why I am asking of your help.

    If anyone has a powerful pc who would be interested in testing this system, please post your results. Thanks.

  9. TGregg


    LMAO! "Hi, I've developed this amazing, wonderful program to give you trades. Unfortunately, I don't have enough computer power to test it. Please send me 3 grand for my super-duper (untested) system."