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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by riskreward, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Hello. I want to have a simple system backtested. I would like this backtested over 3-5 years data especially energies, metals, and commodities. I am asking somebody else to do this because I don't want to purchase all the data just for a few simple backtests. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this service. If you are an experienced backtester with data, I don't think this will take more than a few hours for you.
  2. Automated or manual?
  3. Not sure what you mean exactly but it isn't an automated system. It's not a black box system or anything. Very straightforward. Just want to test across a wide variety of markets (and would rather not have to purchase the data myself).
  4. What exactly are you trading?
  5. Sounds like you are not secretive about the trading rules, unless you were going to legally require non-disclosure from the tester, so just post the rules here.

    I suspect you would get a rapid response from some of the many system testers here. And it would be free.

    One thing tho - did you want the test on intraday, or daily data? If intraday, what time span for the bars?
  6. Bad idea, very bad idea indeed!
  7. If you're trading equities, get a trial version of AmiBroker and download the data for free from

    Not the fastest way to get the data, but it works and it's free.
  8. This sounds like a lot of work. What are you Phishing for?