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  1. Pre-market and post-market data as well as accurate analyst upgrade/downgrade/target change data.
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  2. Great call. Thanks.
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  3. Finally wrapped up a beta version of that backtesting program platform I said I was interested in building about a year ago. It's called Tradewell ( and you're welcome run backtests on it for free by clicking here.

    It's only a beta right now.

    The basic idea is that you can backtest and data relationships very fast, and generate data visualizations without writing code. We still have work to do to incorporate the data suggestions (news, pre-market/post-market data) that were mentioned on this site, but there are thousands of metrics and even more assets that you backtest.

    Would love feedback if anyone wants to give it a shot.

    Thanks for everyone's input a year ago.
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  4. So we never got around to adding this particular dataset, but we did populate the platform with earnings beats. And we did a huge backtest of Nasdaq stocks since the Index's inception, testing whether or not big earnings beats led to upward drift in prices. The results were super interesting.
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  5. Interesting. Will take a look at your platform.
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  6. Thanks. Feel free to DM if you want a walk through.
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