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  1. alkaline


    Since tradestation does not accept foreign data, does anyone know of backtester that would be similiar and could be used on foreign markets? It would help if the data was sub-second.
  2. Tradstation service pack 1 is due to be released this month
    or next month, which supports 3rd Party Data, if you are
    willing to sacrifiy some time for it.

    Tradestation 9 comes with international data and portfolio
    testing, FX integrated trading, furtures options, 2006
  3. This is great! Been waiting for 3rd party data support.

    Any idea where I can find more details?
  4. bobcows


    TradeStation has been promising third-party support for over 2 years now. When I see it, I will believe it.
  5. mmillar


    Believe it...
  6. maxpi


    Dang, TS8 is almost up with TS2k!! Now it they would offer seamless integration of realtime esignal or cqg/whatever with bid/ask history and automatic seamless failover it would be great. I don't like being single-sourced on anything.

    I don't think a third party developer has this for TS8 yet, they definitely do for TS2k. If somebody knows of something please take a half minute and let me know about it.
  7. bobcows


    Which build are you running? Latest or beta?

    My TS keeps asking me to update, but I keep telling it to give me another 10 days.
  8. I don't think it's owndata 2.3, because it doesn't
    have 3rd party tab, is it TS.8.1 unreleased SP1 version?
  9. mmillar


    I have TS 8.1 Build 2967 SP1. It is the production version, not beta. TS release their software a couple hundred users per day (for support reasons). So everyone will get it as the weeks go by. There are some inevitable bugs (with other features, I haven't found any with the data import) so new builds will no-doubt be released.
  10. mmillar


    I believe OwnData does at least some of this. Though I haven't used it myself.
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