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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Partum, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Partum


    I am looking for someone who would be willing to collaborate (perform backtesting) on a couple of strategies on some CME products. (ES, NQ, RTY, YM, CL, 6E)

    You would need to have tick data (for range bars) for the above instruments going back a minimum 6 months, the ability to add an indicator (formula provided if needed) and perform optimization.

    Also, portfolio testing of the combined strategies would be preferred but not required.

    PM me if interested.
  2. RedDuke


    I wish you all the best to find a good developer for such a generous offer.:D

    Sorry for being sarcastic here, I hope you realize how funny your post sounds.

    If you willing to pay, it is a different story, you will be able to find people.

    Here is a tip, go for NinjaTrader platform (free until you need it for live trading) and subscribe to Kinetick data feed (delayed data).
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  3. Sounds good but I have an even better idea:

    After you begin live trading, once per month post a screenshot of your account balance.

    I will then photoshop a picture of a cute cat on top of your balance. In exchange for this you will send me 10% of your profits every month (only if positive).

    PM me if interested.
  4. Partum


    Happy I could give you a good laugh.

    As far as payment goes, I kind of see the offer as a low risk trade for somebody. If you have the resources you invest some time and possibly come up with a profitable strategy and at the least an approach that you might not have considered that spawns new testing ideas.

    Thanks for the Ninja tip, but I think I might be Programming Impaired.
  5. RedDuke


    We see posts like yours on this board all the time. Reality is that no one worth its salt will be interested unless you have compelling case (large number of years in industry, but no developing ability for example, and even then it is a stretch). Ninja has a great strategy wizard for simpler strategies that does not require 1 line of code. For example, go long if EMAs cross and RSI is at level....., then you can attached quite robust trade management to it. All without a single line of code and free. Good luck.
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  6. 2rosy


    so you want someone to back test your strategy for free? you could approach CTAs with your strategy and if they are gullible enough will test it, then you'll have your answer
  7. Handle123


    Damn, dropped my coffee laughing so much. There is no collaboration here. Are you aware the cost of tick data and six months not going to cut it, current systems we testing is fifteen years of tick data, unless I get sample size of 20,000 per signal, not worth effort of doing many stats for scalping/day trading. Usually most do 3-5 years of tick data for manual trading whereas we doing automation.
    I lost $105,000 before I learned programming well.

    Do what I did in beginning, go to local collage and chat with Computer Science dean and ask for 3 of brightest programmers in school, buy few years of tick data from good source, then you going to have to pay student.

    If you planning on swimming with the sharks, you have to be very prepared or you be bait. You most likely think I am coming over the top on how I test, keep thinking this way into becoming broke.

    Here is another stat am sure you not aware, on a $5k account doing 6 trades a day times 240 trading days, base on $4 fees per roundturn is $6,000 of fees. So you going to need to do over 120% to breakeven. Your average per trade will be much less than you think, it is like this for everyone, when you can start doing size, rent or buy seat at exchange. Long term/swing is really where good money is made unless you willing to learn to program and put in 10,000 plus hours to day trading.

    Good luck to you.
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  8. Partum


    I'm new to EliteTrader so I didn't know there were a lot of requests for assistance with backtesting. Sorry for agitating the curmudgeon crew.

    I posted on the assumption that there are more people who know how to backtest than have profitable trading strategies. Ultimately I've ended up getting a few responses of people willing to assist me so lets hope, as you say, they are worth their salt and can operate their backtesting software and we both end up with a profitable system.

    Again, thanks for the Ninja suggestion, I'll take a look but what I need tested doesn't use indicators that have variable parameters like MAs and RSI, MACD and the lot, it simply uses price range ratios.
  9. rb7


    What would be the benefits to help you?

    You provide potential strategies, and the other end provide time and tick data?
    For what in return?
    Where's your sales pitch?
  10. RedDuke


    Then you need custom coding.
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