Backtesting and automated trading software

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by darien95, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. darien95


    I tried opening an Individual Futures account with TradeStation, but on the last page they make you agree to having a $50,000 risk capital and I don't have that much. What other software/brokers are there that have backtesting with:

    Months of tic data
    10+ years of 1-minute intra-day data
    S&P 500 Emini
    Nasdaq Emini
    Dow Emini
    Russel Emini

    and/or automated trading?
  2. Hello,

    I think this question to create an account on TS is just formal. I don't remember answering this question when I got on TS, but I must have lied.

    Other software providing backtests : AmiBroker( good ), WealthLab( don't know... ), TradersStudio( real good reputation , haven't tried it), Metastock( bad ), neoticker( don't know ), e signal( don't know ).

    Most of these platforms permits automation using interfaces with any broker, but it is not as simple as creating your account and automatize on TS.
  3. darien95


    Thanks, but these are all very expensive to continue using. Isn't there something cheaper or free?
  4. taowave


    have you heard the" Bell motorcycle ad"?

    If you have a $10 head,buy a $10 helmet......

    Amibroker costs $229...Traders Studio is $499 with LIVE tech support...

    You are going to be trading a $50,000 account...

    i think you catch my drift