Backtesters, Programmers, Traders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AnonymousTrader, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. I am looking for one or two mentioned above people to whom I will teach two methods of trading.

    I will not charge anything for it, but I will expect a large portion of the profits.

    This is a very good scalping + semi scalping strategy that is very powerful. I do not have time to learn computer languages to write, albeit I am familiar with some. So I need someone who devotes his time to building and back-testing strategies.

    The idea is the following: we will work together on my methods. We will back test thoroughly and also we will do some forward testing. If we feel the results are adequate, i will capitalize the venture myself - so I am not interested in capital. We will share the profits from it too. It will be a fully automated system.

    I need to be able to work closely with the person, possible personal meetings. Therefore, you need to be located in the NYC metro area. I hope that you will have some trading experience and definatelly modeling experience.

    Anyone interested, please PM me, post here questions or whatever. But please be serious.
  2. Let me know if you got PM (not sure if it was sent).