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  1. Sashe


    Found this strategy on Wealth Lab site, but dont have enough ES data to backtest it.
    3 min chart
    SMA 150
    For longs Entry: Price above SMA 150 and RSI(5) closes <30--->go long
    For longs Exit: RSI(5) closes >70 or 2 stop loss

    For shorts Entry: Price below 150 and RSI(5) closes >70---->go short
    For shorts Exit: RSI(5) closes <30 or 2 stop loss

    Please, backtest this as far as possible.
    Thx in advance
  2. sammy12


    If this is your holy grail, you need to look more ...

    inputs: Price( Close ), RSILength( 5 ),SMALength(150), OverSold( 30 ), OverBought( 70 ) ;
    variables: MyRSI( 0 ) ;
    variables: Counter( 0 ) ;

    MyRSI = RSI( Close, RSILength ) ;

    if Currentbar > 1 and MyRSI crosses under OverSold
    and Price > AverageFC( Price, SMALength ) then

    Buy ( "Buy" ) next bar at market ;

    If MyRSI crosses over OverBought Then
    Sell ("Sell") next bar at Market;

    if Currentbar > 1 and MyRSI crosses over OverBought
    and Price < AverageFC(Price, SMALength) then

    Sell Short ( "Short" ) next bar at market ;

    If MyRSI crosses below Oversold Then
    Buy cover ("Cover") next bar at Market;

    This is quickly written code, ask the experts regarding correctness of the code. Did not include stop limit in the code itself, but there is in-house tradestation _stop strategy is used for $100 stop.

    $2.5 Comsn and $12.5 slippage is assumed
  3. Sashe


    Sammy, can you post the results here, i am having trouble opening your file
  4. sammy12


    Results for 2 years of back testing.

    Total Net profit : (63,870.00)
    Profit Factor: 0.60

    Total Number of Trades: 2084
    Percent Profitable: 42.08%

    Ave. Trade Net Profit: (30.65)
    Ratio of Ave. winning/ Avg losing: 0.82

    No. of consecutive wins: 8
    No. Consecutive losses: 16

    Return on Account: (99.94%)

    Max. Trade Draw down: (837.50)

    As you can see, it is not worthwhile strategy, unless you come up with some kind of filters to weed out the bad trades.

    Good luck
  5. Sashe


    Thx a lot, sammy, thats all I wanted to see