Backtest strategy w/o programming

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  1. I have a strategy, but I don’t have programming skills. What is the workaround to backtest?
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    Could be even better if someone could code your strategy in Quantconnect or other trading platform, where you could later modify your strategy just by changing some variables. Basically you could run your strategy on Quantconnect and adjust it later, while not needing to code it from scratch:
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    If simple use NinjaTrsder strategy
    Wizard. All free
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    At best, you have an idea. Realistically you have no skills and no idea. Learn some skills. Verify your idea with real data. Proper data (survivorship-bias-free) will cost you money.
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    And yes good quality data is not free, but very cheap. Look at iqfeed or kinetick.
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    Forward Test in demo.
  8. Thanks, good advice. Programming is on my list, but not now. I need to feel comfortable with discretionary trading and get on sustainable performance, then start learning more stuff.
  9. Thanks, agree, this will compliment, but I need also historical statistical data and something that could give results now instead of waiting for set-ups to appear
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