Backing up the truck on airlines right here

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pandabear, May 29, 2008.

  1. AMR and LCC and others ...
  2. You are early to the party, give it time young padywon
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    Bought and sold AMR this week, sold around $7.30 area. Will wait for the next drop to low 6's to get back in. Surprised not to see AMR up 10%+ today.
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  5. If crude is going into a correction, the easiest and best (imho) are the refiners, at least you don't have to worry waking up one morning and seeing one or your airline lottery tickets filing chapter 11....
  6. Interesting ... lot of pessimism around the airlines ... anyways its on a swing trade on crude so will get out before the weekend... Lets see what the UAUA-LCC talks tonight bring!
  7. Panda, for full disclosure i've been short most of the airlines anywhere from 6 months to about a year and a half....Also long crude and nat gas, plus trade around most of the energy names. Good luck, and be nimble!
  8. how about a list of refiners???